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X’s for Xander

Happy February, Friends!

I’m so excited to share a new design I’ve been working on. 

My first year of teaching, I got know the Moore family because Xander was in my sixth grade ELA class. Xander had been battling a rare form of cancer and passed away in August, a few weeks after school started. The entire community rallied around the Moore family as they experienced the loss of Xander, and have since been committed to keeping his legacy alive.

During Xander’s fight against cancer, the Moore family was able to visit The Lighthouse in Florida for a family vacation. This is from the blog, because He lives, “The Lighthouse is a retreat for families living with pediatric cancer. There are about 18 retreats each year that take place along the beaches of Destin, Florida. Our family had the privilege of attending the Lighthouse as a patient family on two different occasions.” The Moore family has since been back to serve as a partner family multiple times, and this summer will be taking their Youth Group.

The students who were in my class that first year of my teaching career are now Juniors in High School, and many of them are fundraising to go serve other families at The Lighthouse this summer along with the Moore family in memory of Xander and fueled only by the love of Jesus.

I came up with this design late one night. When it was finished I realized the “X” that stood out. The first person I thought of was Ricki Lea, Xander’s mom, and immediately messaged her to ask if we could collaborate on these pieces to help raise money for the mission trip they will be taking this summer.


As always, THANK YOU for shopping and supporting Sandstone Avenue.


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