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Children’s Apparel

We dream big dreams and want great things for our children. What parent doesn’t? These designs reflect the values and characteristics we pray over our children daily.

These are intended to be conversation starters and should prompt someone to ask about them and their meaning. Want to be prepared for how to answer those questions? Read more about the meaning behind each design below.

He Leaves the 99 
What an encouraging reminder that our Shepherd will leave the 99 in search for the one who is lost! When they are part of the 99 they will joyfully support the rescue of another sheep. We want our children to display the same compassion to those in their lives that may be lost and in need of a friend. We want our children to be on a rescue mission for those who have yet to meet Jesus.

Lion Chaser
Lion chasers face fears, fight for their dreams, and take advantage of opportunities to expand the Kingdom. A lion chaser is someone who sets God-sized goals and pursues God-given passions. Someone who goes after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention.

Our mission is to raise children who forge new paths and live for the applause of nail-scarred hands. Children who dare to fail, dare to be different, don’t hold back, and don’t run away. Children who are steadfast in their pursuit of Christ.

Mountain Mover
We only need a little faith, even that as small as a mustard seed, for God to move mountains in our lives. Jesus tells us that it’s not the size of our faith, but who we are putting our faith in. Mountain-moving faith is based only on God and His promises. We want to remind our children that God can take hopeless situations and turn them into joyful celebrations. Even on the days covered with dark clouds and shadows of doubt, God is working miracles. Nothing is impossible because our God is a mountain mover, and that same power lives in us.

A wildflower is a child who is uncultivated by popular trends and lives a life that’s uncommon. A child who is independent and grows bravely in a world plagued with conformity. A child who can flourish anywhere, even in lonely, unattended places because they know their Creator is present everywhere. Wildflowers don’t strive to be pretty like roses, just pretty like themselves. Wildflowers don’t steal beauty from others, but enhance the qualities of others without losing their own beauty.

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