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Our Story

It is with so much joy that I welcome you to Sandstone Avenue.

This journey began as a hobby, and I only dreamed that it would someday turn into a business. Thanks to my extremely faithful husband and a lot of prayer, we have been able to make this a reality since officially launching in January 2019. When I need to clear my mind, I always find myself creating something new. I admire minimal, modern design and incorporate that into my pieces. Our hope is to fill your homes with unique art and to glorify God in the process.

I grew up on Sandstone Avenue in a small Oklahoma town where my parents still live today. My passion for creating began there many years ago by watching my parents display each of their personal talents. Growing up I saw my dad design and build beautiful, intricate pieces of furniture with his wood working skills. He built the house I grew up in and most recently a cabin on his ranch. My mom was always painting masterpieces on an array of canvases. Today she spends her free time making jewelry and does interior decorating. When I wanted to create something as a child, my parents always encouraged my inventive mind. It only seemed fitting to use the name of the street where my skills began, my passion was supported, and my ideas were encouraged many years ago.

Clay and I have been married since 2012 and he’s been my biggest supporter since the day I presented the idea of Sandstone Avenue. He pushes me outside my comfort zone and always keeps me positive. We have a three-year-old son, Bear, who keeps us on our toes, and a baby girl, Quinn.

We love that we get to make this a family journey and appreciate all of you for following along. Thanks for stopping by!

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