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With its clear lid made of heavy-duty polycarbonate . this 18" HART Cantilever Organizer makes it easy to keep track of contents for quick identification. Finding the right thing immediately will help you maintain momentum while working on your most focus-intensive projects. Convenient removable bins make this organizer the best value for storing items of different sizes. No more jamming things together in spaces too small. The multi-level cantilever design makes stashing and finding the right item a snap. Additionally . the 18 removable bins in 2 sizes make laying out just the needed project items a perfect way to save space in your work area. The HART 18" Cantilever Organizer is constructed of high-quality industrial resin . one of the strongest and most durable plastics used for storage and organization containers. The futuristic design is compact and chic. The organizer features a professional black finish that can withstand even the roughest of treatment dished out by DIY hobbyists and seasoned experts alike. The sturdy metal latches ensure all of your precious contents stay secure during when not in use and transport. This crafts-person storage essential also features a durable resin and metal handle for a secure grip. The handle tucks neatly out of the way . flush with the lid of the top level shelf. Worried about that usual problem of typical tool boxes tipping over while you're trying to select an item Worry no more! The HART 18" Cantilever Organizer has a unique solution. This organizer features two sturdy back legs attached to the lid which are designed to give the flat-bottomed base greater stability when open and placed on any surface.

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